Adoption Support Group
for Adults Affected by Adoption

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Adoption Support Group Sign Up Form

Adoption Support Group Sign Up Form

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The Ground Rules

  • Please listen while others are talking giving people time to share their experience. Show us your hand marker on the zoom panel and we will get to you. We will show you how to do this at the beginning of every session. 
  • Please respect the views of others that may be very different from your own.
  • Please come to the group with the intent to be kind and mindful to others. If you feel you cannot form this positive intent please talk with us so that we can help you find the right venue for you. 
  • Please be respectful of differences in culture, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and disability. At JNA we welcome all of this diversity and we want to hear about your life experiences. 
  • Please let us know before hand any special needs you have so that we can make sure you are included and your needs met.
  • Please mute your screen unless you are speaking.
  • Do blank your screen if you wish to keep your identity as unknown.
  • Please send questions you cant ask personally through the zoom communication link and we will attend to these. We will show you how to do this if you are not used to zoom. 
  • Please refrain from extreme or abusive language that may offend others.
  • Please refrain at all times from any negativity towards anybody in the group…speak to the group leader if you have intense emotions as these can be managed mindfully at the end of the session. Aggressive responses to anyone will spoil the nature of the group and cause upset. Best to step back if you are struggling.    
  • In the unlikely event that things go very wrong, we reserve the right to disconnect you from the screen if we feel you are not coping.  Sometimes emotions can get the better of us and we will talk to you about this separately should this need arise. 

Just to expand on a few vital points:    


  1. All discussions in this group are confidential. Please do not repeat them to third parties outside the course (except for professionals). And do not under any circumstances record material or repeat material on social media. You can talk about your own experience to others, but privacy means that you do not mention the names of others on the course, that you do not repeat their experiences to others, and you do not name any children or anybody’s location.    
  2. None of the sessions are being recorded and we ask you not to record any of the sessions in order to maintain the privacy of everyone concerned.   


  1. This course if for adults affected by adoption only. It is not for children to attend. We expect a diverse range of ages from seniors to young adults.   
  2. You may wish to connect directly with others in the group. I will ask at some stage if you wish e mails to be made known to all. It is absolutely fine if you do not want this.  
  3. To begin with I will ask for communication to go through me until we have set up a comfortable pattern of interaction. On zoom I can only hear one person at a time so please don’t be offended if I ask you to hold back so that we listen to people properly. We will find our pace eventually.  
  4.  Keep pressing the ‘reaction’ button on zoom to gain my attention. If I miss you it won’t be intentional at all so, please don’t take this personally – it means my eyes were somewhere else. Please just keep letting us know through the ‘reaction’ button or waive at me.  
  5. Please always be quiet and try not to interrupt when others are speaking so that we listen carefully to what people are saying. I know sometimes we can be so excited to talk and that it is not intentional to cut across people. It’s probably best to leave your zoom box microphone muted unless you are speaking as all sorts of noises come through!
  6. Don’t feel offended if I mute you – it just means I am trying to listen to something else. Just press your ‘reaction’ button. Again, if I miss you it won’t be intentional. It’s sometimes hard to know what is going on in every pod. 
  7. You may not agree with everything that everybody says but please do try to be non-judgemental towards different attitudes. Please respond kindly and politely to everyone. This group is supposed to be a healing and mindful experience for all. Please let me know if you are experiencing any difficulty within the group and I will help you.  
  8. E mail me between sessions if you are feeling stuck or unsure or if you have a problem. I might say we will discuss the matter in the group as probably everyone will have the same kind of problems. But don’t stay stuck or struggling – the whole point is that we help you move forward.


  1. At JNA safeguarding is our priority. Your safety and wellbeing come before anything in these meetings. We are helping you move forward so that you can make sense of the special nature of adoption. 
  2. If we have concerns about adult safety or of those around you please let us know. We will contact you after the session and let you know any action we feel we need to take to protect you or help you protect yourself.   
  3. Do not take unnecessary risks. 
  4. Call for help from those around you if you are not safe.
  5. Dial 999 in an emergency.
  6. We will always be taking sensible, assertive and cautious steps forward. None of our meetings are designed to exaggerate risk.
  7. Finally, let me know if there are any problems.  It is likely that in the group people will have similar problems.  


  1. In this course we will be both listening and talking about experience. If this is difficult for you for any reason, please contact me by e mail or phone or ask someone else to communicate with me so that I can adapt accordingly to ensure that you can continue to join in if you wish.    


  1. We are looking forward to working with an ethnically, religiously and culturally diverse group. Please let me know about any sensitivities for you specifically so that I can support you to feel included. Please let me know if I have missed a point about your culture. I am willing to learn and help others to learn about what matters to you. Please let me know as soon as you feel there is a problem so that I can pay attention and put it right. 
  2. I ask all group members to be thoughtful and respectful to all the different experiences of culture, race, religion and sexual orientation within our group.

Please let me know if you would like to add to this list of ground rules.

Please tick the box in the sign up form above to confirm you understand these rules. We will go over them one more time at the start of our group.

I am looking forward to our work together.

Jo North. And the team at Joanna North Associates.