Adoption Support Group
for Adults Affected by Adoption

More about our Adoption Support Group

The purpose of this group

We set this group up because we recognise the need for adopted people in the United Kingdom (and beyond) to share with others their experience of being an adopted person and how this has affected their life. Being adopted and the lived experience of being an adopted person is a unique psychological and emotional experience and we feel this group of people and their stories generally go unrecognised when in fact their lives can be celebrated.      

How will we achieve this?

We will achieve this through monthly meetings for an hour and a quarter. The meetings will be co-ordinated by Dr. Joanna North and David Oates who are both experts in aspects of intermediary work. We will ask you to sign up to basic ground rules for behaviour in the group and you are invited to tell us about your experiences or just listen to others. Either way we want to learn by listening to the shared and lived experiences of adopted people. 

Who can join us?

You can join us if you are working with us on an intermediary search for birth family, but you don’t have to be working with us. You can also join us if you are an adopted adult who wishes to reflect on your experience as an adoptee and any of the challenges that this brings. Join us if you are a professional in the field and have something to offer. Or join us if you just wish to contribute to the narrative on being an adoptive person.  

How long will meetings be?

Our groups run for an hour and a quarter and we meet once a month to share our stories. 

How do we join?

Simply click on the button below, read the ground rules of the group and fill in the sign up form. We will get in touch to welcome you to the group and send you a zoom link nearer the time of each meeting. Its as simple as that. As long as you come with the good intention of sharing with others and a willingness to be patient and tolerant whilst listening you are welcome.     

If you have any questions prior to signing up please write to .

What do we do?

Join us on the zoom link we will send you. Please put your frame onto mute if you are not speaking and if you wish to be anonymous, please blank your picture. Jo North will take the lead and introduce the meeting. Be ready with your questions and the life experiences you wish to share with us.    

I am looking forward to our work together.

Jo North. And the team at Joanna North Associates.