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Tracing People Affected by Adoption

Joanna North Associates are now working with FinderMonkey Ltd. FinderMonkey are the UK’s leading people tracing company, you may have seen them on the popular BBC1 series Family Finders.

We have teamed up to provide an outstanding tracing service for people affected by adoption. If you were adopted and are looking for a birth parent or if you are looking for an adopted person then we would love to hear from you.

This joint venture is providing a much needed service by taking FinderMonkey’s experience in finding people and ours in counselling and support for people affected by adoption and together provided a professional and ethical service.

The partnership is based on two organisations that excel at what they do teaming up to provide you with the best possible experience.

Joanna North Associates are very proud of our Ofsted Outstanding rating and our ongoing aim is to provide professional, confidential and effective support in matters relating to adoption including:

  • Counselling and psychotherapy in relation to adoption for both parents and children and families
  • Advice in relation to adoption
  • Assistance for the purpose of ensuring a good relationship
  • Assistance where an adoption disruption has occurred or is in danger of occurring, including mediation services
  • Intermediary services to adults wishing to contact birth relatives
  • Court reports relating to Adoption
  • We also work with adopted adults offering intermediary services and finding birth relatives

As well as being featured on BBC1 FinderMonkey have contributed to discussions around Adoption Tracing on National Radio and have reunited over 15,000 in the last ten years. The partnership is highly productive as they take their work very seriously and are constantly looking for ways to improve their service and help more people

This tracing service takes you through the search, finding and contacting of the person you are looking for. You remain in control every step of the way.

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