Disaster Recovery Plan

Joanna North Associates Ltd – Adoption Support Agency

Updated June 2020

We aim to ensure that our service will not be disrupted by any natural or man-made disaster such as flood or fire or even illness.  For this reason, under any such circumstances of disturbance due to disaster the following procedures will be put in place.

  1. All confidential files are protected from flood and fire but in the
    event of any disruption due to disaster all files will be moved to our alternative office for safe keeping in a locked filing cabinet.   Any ruined files will be re-built and replaced.  We will always have back up copies of all materials in a data protected space.   (See our policy on storage of records).  All of our data is electronic and is safely stored to avert loss of information.  I service can continue without the building if necessary. 
  2. Our registered office is insured against flood and fire damage and the building will be put back into working order as soon as possible and the continuity of work will be restored.  We will find another location nearby if we cannot use the office so that work is not disrupted.    There are no files kept on the ground floor in case of flood.      
  3. Any ‘spoiled’ files will be salvaged or shredded and destroyed.  The files will be rebuilt. 
  4. Meetings will be moved to an alternative premises.  Suitable premises will be located for any Service Users with Disability.  You should not therefore have to miss any appointment with us at all due to risk of fire or flood.    
  5. Our Service Users should experience the least possible inconvenience and disruption to their work. 
  6. In the event of any major illness or a personnel being unable to continue work – another suitable officer will be found to provide continuity and support for you.  We work as a team and all work is covered by at least two people.   
  7. Damage by fire and theft or disaster in the office is insured.