Health and Safety Policy

Joanna North Associates Ltd – Adoption Support Agency

Updated June 2020


This policy sets out the intentions of Joanna North Associates concerning its organisation and arrangements for ensuring the health and safety of its employees, clients, visitors and contractors whilst on the site.  Health and safety also applies to the mental health and wellbeing of people in this organisation as well as the service users whereas traditionally Health and Safety may only apply to physical safety.   Please see our ‘Self Care’ Policy. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace

Our team are aware that they can share any concerns about workplace stress or emotional upset with the Director Joanna North who will provide support and intervention.  Monthly reflective practice sessions will check in on your wellbeing at work and you will be encouraged to create a ‘self-care’ plan.

Our service users have a counselling service available to use for any stressful events and throughout their journey with us.    We constantly monitor our service users to ensure that they are coping with the process of Intermediary work.  If it appears that they are not coping please consult as a team as the best way to support them.

Please see ‘Self Care and Wellbeing’ Policy for the team on the issue of mental health and wellbeing at work.      

Objectives of Physical Safety in the Workplace

In order to achieve compliance with the statement of policy Joanna North Associates has set out the following objectives:

  • To set and maintain high standards for health and safety on its premises;
  • To identify risks and set in place programmes to remove or reduce those risks;
  • To ensure that the standards are communicated to all employees;
  • To ensure that all personnel are given the necessary information, instruction
    and training to enable them to work in a safe manner;
  • To ensure the discussion and dissemination of relevant information on health
    and safety issues;
  • To develop promotional campaigns and otherwise encourage health and
    safety awareness of employees and to monitor health and safety through reflective practice. 
  • To monitor its operation throughout.

Duties and Responsibilities

Everyone within the organisation has duties and responsibilities.  These are set out
as follows:

Section 1: Within the organisation:

The person with overall legal responsibility for health and safety is;

Dr. Joanna North  (Company Director) and Dave Oates Managing Director

The persons responsible for ensuring the day-to-day implementation of this policy are;

Dr. Joanna North (Company Director) and Dave Oates Managing Director.

Who we are responsible for:

Our own health and safety and for any customers or members of the public whomsoever their actions may affect.

They have the following responsibilities;

  • Implementation of this policy in his or her own department and for bringing it to the attention of all service users within his or her charge;
  • Compliance with safety precautions that apply to his or her department, including the regulating of contractors;
  • Ensuring that all service users are properly inducted into the organisation, which must include an awareness of all hazards, risk assessments, precautions and procedures applicable to the department, the tasks involved and any emergency procedures;
  • Ensuring that no person is permitted to work, unsupervised, at any equipment or hazardous task unless he or she has been fully trained and deemed as competent;
  • Ensuring that all staff and service users are aware of the location of all fire fighting equipment and alarm call points in the department and are conversant with its effective use;
  • Ensuring that any legal requirements relating to the operation of the department are fully complied with including:
    • Inspection of all fire fighting equipment
    • Safe use of electrical switches and circuits
    • Maintenance of all appropriate registers
    • Necessary essential safety training for all staff
    • Statutory inspections of plant and equipment
    • Planned preventative maintenance of tools and equipment
    • Provision of first aid equipment
    • Report accidents and assist with accident investigation
    • Arrangements for cleaning

This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Ensuring that any duties delegated to subordinate staff are clearly defined
    and understood;
  • Ensuring that access to the premises by young people or other members
    of the public is strictly limited to safe areas;
  • Ensuring that suitable arrangements are in place to safeguard the premises against intruders. 

This policy relates to training which is also off the premises of Joanna North Associates Ltd.  For example training venues.

This policy is refreshed and updated regularly.