Referral Policy

Joanna North Associates Ltd – Adoption Support Agency

Updated June 2020

  1. Referrals can be made directly from service users or through other sources such as Social Services.   We place no limitation on the way that people can contact us for use of the service. The only limitation is that people have to be supported and able to cope with the process of adoption re-unification.  If necessary, we ask for permission to communicate with carers or other services such as probation, mental health etc. to ensure that professionals feel that it is safe to move forward.
  2. Sometimes people call our sister company who are Finder Monkey.  Finder Monkey are a tracing agency and a separate limited company from Joanna North Associates Ltd.    All staff at Finder Monkey are trained to know that they must put calls that relate to adoption through immediately to Dave Oates the Manager of Joanna North Associates who runs the agency on a daily basis.    
  3. As soon as we have a referral, we will discuss the client’s aims and needs and their support structures.  Complex cases will be discussed within the team to ensure that we can support the client.
  4. We have a Statement of Purpose which indicates the values of our service.  On this document service users are made aware of our Complaints Procedure and Safeguarding procedures which are an inherent part of our work with you.  If you specifically ask us we will pass you our complaints procedure.    
  5. You will receive advice and support from our team whenever you need it but they will inform you that you are entitled to one to one counselling at any time throughout this process.   You can say hello to our counsellor at any time or raise any concerns and questions.  Our counselling work is focussed on the adoption process, but we can support you if you feel that you need long term support.   
  6. We will ask for signed permission from the Service User for release of any appropriate documents that they feel will help us to support the work.  We will also need to check the client’s identity with documents such as passport, address and photograph.  We cannot proceed without this.      
  7. A file will be set up for the client and they will be informed of our Data Protection procedures.
  8. It is our intention that the service is appropriate to your needs and tailored to your specific unique situation.  You should understand clearly what we are aiming to achieve as a service by the time you have had your first meeting.  If you do not understand we will be happy to talk with you in more detail and you can call our office at any time for updates. 
  9. If we cannot meet your needs we will ensure that you are referred to a person or an appropriate agency or service and we will support you in this new referral.
  10. We seek to listen to your wishes and feelings and consider your welfare and safety during the time that you are working with us. 
  11. With your permission we will work with other agencies to support the progress of your work 
  12. Again please let us know as soon as you experience any problem at all so that we can help you.