Training Plan and Quality Assurance Plan

Joanna North Associates Ltd – Adoption Support Agency

Updated June 2020

Any associates working with our organisation will be able to demonstrate that they are trained to a minimum standard through regular meetings and through reading the Associates Agreement. 

Our team will meet weekly to develop our service and training needs will be identified at this time.  See below for Training Plan 2020.  Anyone belonging to a professional organisation must evidence that they fulfil their commitment to that organisation i.e British Psychological Society, British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

A minimum standard of knowledge and skill is assumed under their professional qualification to include:

  • Diversity and Equality
  • Culture/Race and Ethnicity Awareness
  • Health and Safety
  • Note keeping and recording Skills. 
  • Working with historical abuse and safeguarding. 
  • Emotional Literacy and Communication Skills
  • Developments in Child Protection and Safeguarding Procedures.
  • Safe and Ethical Practice.
  • Adoption Reunion Research.
  • How to Help Leaflets on Adoption Reunion.         

This minimum level of information is available in our Associate Agreement and we also have a manual on Adoption Reunion which is standard reading for our team.  Helpful notes for our clients have been made on the basis of this manual.    

Training Plan for Dave Oates 2020:

Management training, Safeguarding and Basic Counselling skills.

Training Plan for Alison Schofield 2020:

Safeguarding (Leeds) and Basic Counselling skills.

Training Plan for Jo North 2020:

Further therapy training to include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training March 2020

And Training on Suicide Prevention with The Suicide Summit 21/22 March.

In addition ‘at work’ training will take place and these will be recorded in the Team’s individual CPD records.   This includes reading on the subject.  Reflective practice is an inherent part of our learning process and this takes place at team meetings and on a one to one basis monthly.  This is considered a natural part of CPD and development that all of our team sign up to.